[WIP] exe.html

exe (working title) is a web interface for creative and introspective development services. Displaying a retro interface inspired by the bulletin board systems, the app allows the user to enter command lines or sentences.

exe offers for instance a generative Rorschach test, random poetry, a tarot cards draw, an introspective conversation chat, etc.

basic, simple and empty interface

The application is based on the complementarity of human-machine relations. The user’s expectations towards a service encounter the seemingly random characteristics of content generation. By making use of a generative and consistent prose, which appears to be meaningless, the user is able to let herself to think and explore a peculiar imagination. She couldn’t have accessed it if the process didn’t involve the machine.

This work’s goal is to explore creative and introspective potential of a dialogue with the machine. The discussions between both parties become more complex because of differences in data interpretation. The computer and the user do not share the same references, the same involvement in their environment, nor the same physicality.

Therefore, the user’s involvement and engagement are different than what they could be in a human-human conversation. The user sits in front of her computer — a familiar context — and the discussion with the machine, as strange as it may seem, allows escape from an ordinary mindset. The user develops sympathy towards this interface that talks to her. Although the program’s core only consists of a chain of instructions, the user can interact by talking without constraint nor judgment.